Steps Wise Procedure to Install Hampton Bay Cabinet

Format and Arranging the Cabinets:

  1. Take stock of the cabinets according to the arrangement or request.
  2. Locate the high spot in the floor utilizing a level as demonstrated as follows.
  3. Measure up the divider 34 ½” over the high spot and draw a level line anyplace that base cabinets will be introduced. (This implies this line will quantify more noteworthy than 34 ½” over the floor in many places along the divider.)
  4. Find and check the studs. This should be possible by experimentation of driving a nail in the divider until the point that you discover a stud or utilize an electronic stud discoverer. Studs will typically be each 16″ focus to focus.
  5. It is best when introducing a bigger kitchen to stamp the cupboard positions and code (estimate) on the divider. Better to discover now if things wouldn’t fit perfectly than after you’ve introduced a few cabinets.
  6. Unpack the cabinets and be careful not to drag them over the floor. Spare some cardboard to rest the cabinets on to forestall harm to the cabinets and the floor.
  7. Evacuate all entryways, drawers and racks, being mindful so as to check them with the goal that they backpedal on rectify cabinets. Expelling the entryways should be possible without apparatuses as the pivots seem to be “clip‐on”.

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